12 hour Ministry of Transportation approved
TTSAO Air Brake Endorsement Course


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April 4 &  5 

April 25 & 26 

May 9 & 10


Peterborough Campus 

April 18 & 19

May 23 & 24


Mississauga Campus  

April 18 & 19

May 23 & 24


Kingston Campus

April 23 & 24

May 21 & 22


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     Training Driver Professionally for the Trucking Industry


Ontario Truck Training Academy now offers a blended learning method using our high quality Truck Training Trans Sim, and Trans Sim III Simulators. This new training method will revolutionize how you drive, focus, and improve decision making capabilities to avoid collisions, improve fuel consumption, and avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the commercial vehicle the student will eventually drive.


Using high quality virtual reality simulations that mirror the real road (similar to flight simulators for pilots), the "OTTA" solution takes the driving experience above and beyond by using technology to teach the student.

Our simulator improvement programs are available for fire, police, EMS, commercial trucking, municipal fleets, private vehicle operators, as well as OTTA graduate students.


Reports are made on CD that shows the errors and improvements the client has made during the training. The reports will show if the student was conserving fuel by progressively shifting, ability to use the proper perception and use the correct measure for decision making practices.


Truck Training Simulator Truck Transmission Simulator


Truck Transmission Simulator Truck Transmission Simulator


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