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June 20 & 21 weekday

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     Training Driver Professionally for the Trucking Industry


Company's With Ontario Truck Training Academy Trained Drivers

Molson Breweries

Thank you for the training you provide and the applications you send our way.

Molson Breweries continues to hire AZ grads from various driving schools and colleges, and we truly appreciate working with Ontario Truck Training Academy.


Please be advised that we find your graduates are among the best trained and able to start work on their own soon after orientation.


Keep up the good work!

Yours very truly,
Bob Ives
Fleet Specialist

Graduates From Ontario Truck Training Academy


Felt like home. I had an amazing experience with the OTTA Instructors and Staff. I would overwhelmingly recommend OTTA to anyone interested in entering the Transportation Industry as a Professional Driver.

Andriy Kornylo - AZ Graduate

I had a great experience. The Instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable. I was referred to OTTA and would highly recommend the school to anyone interested in getting into the Transport Industry.

Chris Brabin - DZ Graduate

Great time training at OTTA! Fantastic staff, very welcoming and friendly. Training was very informative and has made me a better Driver for it. Really appreciate all the help.

Daniel Beauchesne - CZ Graduate


Enrolled in the ACZ Tractor Trailer program and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. From the moment I entered the program, OTTA pointed me in the right direction, and I have not looked back. With the training, it has allowed me to attract not only a job, but one that suits what I want to work at.

Dennis Ouellete - AZ Graduate

This was a very professional experience; quite complete and comprehensive. I would most definitely recommend OTTA to anyone entering the Transport Industry. The course was informative and the Instructors were knowledgeable and patient.

Ford Underwood - ABZ Graduate

Very well run business, very knowledgeable and informative. No complaints.

Johnathan McQueen - CZ Graduate

#1 School.

Adam Mckeown - AZ Graduate

If you are looking to get into the Trucking profession this is the right place to be. Very professional and friendly staff.

Mohammad Khokhar - AZ Graduate

Money well spent and a real education not just Driver training. What really paid off was the acceptance from employers. When I told employers I was trained at Ontario Truck Training Academy it was like given preferential treatment.

Omelan Decyk - AZ Graduate

I think it was terrific and the Instructors were great. I greatly enjoyed the experience and I would highly recommend OTTA to others. I feel confident and prepared to move into my new profession.

Robert Anderson - BZ Graduate

The Instructors were great.

Barry Bainbridge - AZ Graduate

I had gone to another school in Toronto, which took my money and refused to book me a road test. After two unsuccessful months with them I joined your academy. Who would of thought, with the aid of your staff I would obtain my license two weeks after.

Bill Makris - BZ Graduate

From the first to the last lesson, I was treated with respect and encouraged to learn in an open and friendly manner. I cannot stress enough the great expertise and experience your instructors displayed, not only to myself, but to all the students. If not for the sincere caring family atmosphere encouraged within your school, my obtaining an ACZ license may not have occurred as rapidly as it did.

Peter Parcher - ACZ Graduate

Together the team at OTTA have a perfect mixture of understanding, professionalism, and friendship. Individually they taught me something unique.

Tom Hawke - AZ Graduate

My decision to attend OTTA was the best I ever made. All of the instructors were extremely kind, courteous, patient, and respectful.

Michele Kollman - ACZ Graduate


After a lot of research, I am very glad that I decided on OTTA. You guys run an excellent program at the school. The one on one sessions in the truck are great. You teach safety is number 1 and this is very important to me.

Trevor Sheppard - AZ Graduate


I wanted to thank you for the time I spent with you and the knowledge you passed on to me.

Philip Marsh - AZ Graduate


When I started out a few months ago to get my "A" license, my most difficult decision was which school should I choose. I had contacted several schools and naturally each one claimed to be the best with the best instructors and program. Thus, I enrolled at your school. This decision was the best one I could make because now I know a little more about trucking schools and because of your great team of instructors. I now have my ACZ License. Thanks, Dennis for your commitment to a quality school and I hope anybody reading this is encouraged to make the same choices as I did. The main reason I am writing this is that I know at OTTA men and women are properly trained to operate their vehicles safely and as a father of 5 children the safety on our roads is a big concern.

Randy L. - Feb 17/00

After having spent a considerable amount of time investigating truck driving schools, I chose Ontario Truck Training Academy. I did not come from a family of truck drivers and basically had never even been inside a large truck. My instructors were always encouraging. From my first time out until the end of the course, they pushed me to keep going even when I felt unsure of myself. I am now a licensed AZ driver and feel fully confident with the skills and training I received. There are so many schools to choose from, but I know now that I made the right decision when I signed up with Ontario Truck Training Academy.


Russel S. - July 19/00

I would like to congratulate you Dennis on putting together an excellent program and team. Together they have a perfect mixture of understanding, professionalism, and friendship. Individually they taught me something unique. Thank you to Jessica, Jim, John, Ford and especially Dennis for preparing me for my new career in the trucking Industry.


Tom H. - Feb 27/01

Thank you, Dennis and everyone at Ontario Truck Training Academy for everything you did to enable me to get the AZ license. You guys (includes Jessica) all work as a team to accomplish, what sometimes seems impossible. Not one is better than the other. I have learned valuable knowledge from each instructor, different from the others, and put all of it together in a package in my mind. It was this package of different input, from each team member, which passed me in the end and gave me besides AZ, confidence, satisfaction, pride and joy.

Thanks to the best truck training institution.

Richard J. C. - June 12/01

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